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Iíve contributed to and been featured frequently in the media.  I am always happy to contribute to news stories, features, articles and programmes.

Who I Am

I am a coach who specialises in helping women to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of bad relationships.  I coach, speak and write about the issues they face and the journey back into joyful living. 

More specifically, I coach women around their values, confidence, relationships, motivation and direction, with particular focus on dispelling limiting self- beliefs, low self-worth, fears and anxieties that are holding them back. 

An  NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Life Coach, I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and adhere to their stringent ethical and professional guidelines.

What Iíve Done

Iíve been featured in various publications including: The Daily Express, New Magazine, Time Out, Positive Health and Runners World and been interviewed for Channel 4.  My eBook, "The Woman You Want To Be" offers a ground-breaking strategy for overcoming the trauma of abuse and reclaiming the courage to start over.

How I Can Help


Iím able to provide comments to the press and media on all aspects of domestic violence, emotionally abusive relationships and the challenges that women face in rebuilding their self-worth, personal life, family and career.  I write articles for various audiences, publish a twice monthly ezine (click here to read a sample), contribute sound bites and provide interviews for various forms the press and media.

If youíd like my expert opinion on women survivors of emotional abuse and domestic violence (their mind-set, beliefs and challenges) for your news story, feature article, or television programme, please contact me directly.

Here are some sample articles you might be interested in:

"What's Special About Abused Women?"

The Truth About Verbal Abuse

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"

"Oops, I Did It Again!"

When You're Looking For A Way Out

12 Sure-fire Ways For Women To Avoid Making Another Bad Relationship

Contacting Me


Iíll be happy to talk with you about your requirements on   07712 924124.  Alternatively, you can email me to let me know your requirements, I'm happy to receive your interview questions via email too- you can reach on email@annie-kaszina.com.  Either way, Iíll get back to you quickly

Press Release Archive

April 2006:  "Sorry Seems To Be The Cheapest Word"

March 2006: 16 Ways To Spot An Abusive Man

February 2006:  Different Man, Same Issues

January 2006:  The Truth About Verbal Abuse

November 2005:  Your Happiness, Whose Responsibility?

October 2005:  "Love Is All You Need...  Or Is It?"

February 2005: "He's So Loving But He Has These Black Moods"

February 2005: "Why doesn't she leave him?"

January 2005: "Better Than Help"

January 2005: "Is Love Ever In Vain?"

December 2004: How to Support Friends and Loved Ones Through an Abusive Relationship

December 2004: "Oops! I Did It Again"

October 2004: "The Gospel According To Saint Bob"

 June 2004: "Battered Lives Syndrome: The Legacy of Frances Shand Kydd's Marriage"

May 2004: "Why Leslie Ash Is Laughing Off A Broken Rib"

March 2004: "Thank You, Jamelia"


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