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to their recovery...

The Ones Who Don't

(You don't need me to tell you
who will rebuild their life and
enjoy a brighter future


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From: Annie Kaszina, October 2010

Dear Friend,

The fact that you've come to this site means you're looking for  answers. 

And as you read every word of this letter, you'll discover that you are not alone, and there truly are answers.   There really is a way forward.

But first, let me ask you something:

Do you have a partner who blames you for everything?

Have you tried to make your relationship work time and time again? Have you been hoping someone can show you the way to get over the misery and desperation?  Are you struggling to understand why someone you love would treat you that badly?

If this IS you, then you are in an abusive relationship; and you have come to the right place. 

My e-book, “The Woman You Want To Be”, may be just what you need to STOP feeling that you have no control over your life.  Imagine, instead, how good it will feel to know that you are in charge of your life.  And you can create a life that is filled with love, peace, laughter, and serenity.

You probably find this hard to believe but, you really CAN get over an abusive relationship and move on.  However impossible that sounds right now.  

In fact, just being on this page is the first step.

If you’re willing to spend just 10 minutes a day focusing on your emotional healing, then you can break free of all the pain and the misery of your abusive relationship.

Would you be prepared to believe that?

Have You Said These Things?

  "Everything probably really is all my my fault"
  "I'm walking on eggshells the whole time."
  "I'm not good enough."
  "I'm frightened of his anger."
  "I've lost my confidence."
  "I'm worried that nobody else would ever want me."
  "I'm worried I might be turning your back on the best man I’ll ever find."

If the answer is "Yes", then

Discover the simple secrets that will help you start rebuilding your life right away.

In this easy to read, ground-breaking e-book, you’ll discover the proven way to build strong self-worth and lasting happiness. 

"How can you say that, Annie?  You don't even know me."

True, I don't know you.  But I do know a great deal about how hard it has been for you. 

I know what's happened to your confidence, I know the kind of hurtful things your abusive partner does and says.  I know how much you still care about what's best in him and how dearly you would have loved to make the relationship to work. 

I know because of my own experiences and the experiences of the hundreds and hundreds of women I have worked with.

I also know the fastest ways to get you out of the despair and hopelessness and get your life back on track.  And I want to share with you all the most effective secrets and little known techniques for getting YOU back in control of your life and your feelings that I've learned in my years of working with abused women.

Discover the simple secrets that will help you start rebuilding your life right away.


"I was amazed and astonished"

When I found your website I was amazed and astonished at what I was reading. It was like you were describing him! It was very frightening to read but also reassured me that my intuitions were right and I had made the right decision. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for your website and e-book, "The Woman You Want To Be". (Vicky Hasemore)

"Immensely helpful"

A few weeks ago I purchased your e-book and have found it profound and immensely helpful. (Fiona V.)

Let me introduce myself. I’m Annie Kaszina. I’m the author of “The Woman You Want To Be”. and "Married to Mr Nasty".  I’m a writer, Women’s Emotional Abuse Recovery Expert and transformational speaker.

I’ve also been through all the the trauma of an abusive relationship.

I spent twenty years living a lie, making excuses for my husband’s abusive behaviour, and telling myself: “He doesn’t mean it, really. He’s got so much potential. He’s just had a hard time and needs me to be more loving and more understanding…”

Does that sound familiar?

It took me the longest time to admit to myself that the relationship would never get any better. That it would just go on hurting me and grinding me down.  But the penny finally dropped.

My husband told me I’d never be able to manage without him.

Well, I really wanted to prove him wrong. But I didn’t know where to turn for the answers. I felt lost and confused. I was looking for someone who’d been there, come through it, and built a great life. 

What I needed was someone who could:

  • understand the way I felt
  • help me process the pain fast
  • get my life back on track.

Only there wasn't anyone.

I spent the next few years studying everything I could find about abusive relationships.

The discoveries I made amazed me

In fact, they transformed my life completely as I began to grasp the secrets of recovery.  I learned how to how to heal FAST from an abusive relationship. I learned how to reclaim my courage, confidence and self-esteem.

I found out all about the secret game plan all abusive men  share.  I discovered the ways abusive men control women and keep them hooked into relationships:



* the script that ALL abusive men work from: the insults, criticism, cruelty, and emotional blackmail they all use successfully, time and time again.
 * the trauma that all abused women suffer -although they always think that they are the only one
 * exactly what paralyses abused women: the self-loathing, fear, loss of confidence, self-worth, direction, energy and isolation that reduce them to a shadow of their true self.
 * the suffering of the children who witness what’s going on, despite your attempts to hide it from them
 * the long-term damage of abusive relationships that most people, even the experts, don't know about
 * why just getting out isn’t enough to guarantee healing

And I came to realize that this information is only the first step on the road to recovery.  Rebuilding your self-worth is the key to healing.

Because I knew that I wasn’t alone, I wanted to make a difference to other women’s lives. I knew many other women struggle in isolation with the pain of an abusive relationship, the world over.  I wanted to do whatever I could to end the isolation,  ease the pain they've been through and speed recovery.  This e-book is the result.

I'm absolutely passionate about two things:

  • helping women recover from the trauma of an abusive relationship as quickly and completely as possible

  • giving you the insight and self-worth that will protect you from future abusive relationships.

Maybe you know that your relationship is destroying you.  Yet walking away – and staying away – can feel like the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.

Even if the hurt and the disappointment are more than you feel you can bear right now, reading this book can help you rebuild your confidence and your self-worth in less time than you would think possible.  It can restore your faith in your right to a brighter future.

"You have saved my life"

Dear Annie, You have saved my life! .....Thank you with all my heart...My thinking has changed....and I see a future that I am building within me, my secret life.......I am able to keep my mouth shut and not participate and allow myself a victim to this abuse. To not fall into the traps of continuing to be an emotional punching bag......for now.... I am having and relishing a victorious relationship with myself and healing within. I am gathering my strength to walk into my future. Your generous and gracious tools have lighted my way! I am so thankful to you... (Linda Cahill)

"... already amazing things have happened"

"I started reading Step 2 last week and already amazing things have happened. After years of misery I discovered over the weekend (at my 25th college reunion) that I am capable of feeling good about myself . For the first time in my life, my fear has been replaced with courage and I feel more confident than ever.  Ironically, during all of this I've caught a bad cold and lost my voice.  However, I look at this with open eyes and realize I had to lose my voice completely in order to find it again. 

Thank you, thank you....I will read every day!Though I know my journey will never end, I am a survivor and from this day on I will celebrate all the blessings of this world that has been restored to me :)"  (Jeanne Cameron)

"For the first time in my married life I can see clearly"

"I bought your book and I think its wonderful. For the first time in my married life I can see clearly." (Bonnie S)

"This book has helped me tremendously"

"I’m starting my 6th week today with “The Woman You Want To Be”. I started reading it last night because I couldn’t wait until today.  This book has helped me tremendously to get my brain to re-think what a special person I am even though I have never been treated special in my entire life of 58 years.

I was so anxious to get up this morning to starting reading my e-book, that I was up at 4:00 AM., coffee in hand and reading my book in the quiet of the morning. I never miss reading it… I do not know if I would have survived and thrived if I had not found you on the Internet." (Karen Hammond)

"Within 2 weeks I was resolute that my marriage was finished"

Hi Annie

Just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you.  You don't know me...


Anyway, a few years ago I realized I was in an abusive relationship.     I realized my relationship was toxic while doing therapeutic training (and at the same time increasing my self-awareness).  So, I decided to research the subject and I came across your web site.  I thought it was brilliant and downloaded your book. 


Your words and wisdom really resonated with me and I didn't put the book down for a week!I went over and over the information I found most useful and within 2 weeks I was absolutely resolute that my marriage was finished and I finished it! I realized once and for all, it wasn't about me; it was about him! One of the things that kept me in the marriage for so long was the fact that my parents marriage was very like mine.  I then realized that my history had not CREATED my marriage; it made me TOLERATE it! Two totally different things!!


Anyway, because I had great strength at the time of our split (mostly through you sharing your experience) I walked away from the marriage with very, very strong boundaries…


So, I just wanted to drop you a line to offer you my gratitude for just being you and for using your own difficult experience to empower others.


with love

Sara R.

“The Woman You Want To Be” is the fruit of years of research, studying all the information available and, above all, listening to, and working with hundreds of women, to help them put the pain and the hopelessness behind them.  That way you can start to really use all your amazing qualities and resources.

You're probably not going to believe this right now, but women in abusive relationships develop amazing strength. As soon as you begin to harness it, you can build a better life for yourself than you would ever have imagined.

Now, you too, can move beyond the emotional damage you’ve been through and start to grow into the unique, amazing woman you truly areYou can and will become the kind of happy, confident, self-assured woman you admire.

Because your partner has told you you’re worthless, it does NOT  mean your life is over!

How would you like to look forward to each new day instead of wondering how you are going to get through it? Just like me, and many, many other women, you’ll discover that a great new life lies ahead of you.

Your life will be great because you’ll learn the secret of how to shape it to be just the way you want it. Start today! You really can choose a fulfilling life.  Best of all, if so many other women who've been in abusive relationships can do it, that means that you CAN do it too.

You’ll see how you can put  your abusive relationship behind you and create the joyful, satisfying life you truly deserve.  No more looking back with regret; instead you will look forward with confidence as you start to create the joyful, satisfying life you truly deserve. 

Imagine how great you’ll feel once you can:

  • Get rid of the paralysing fear

  • See your anxieties for what they really are

    It's time to let go of the baggage that's been holding you back.

  • CLICK HERE to claim your copy of "The Woman You Want To Be".

    You CAN

    overcome all the negative self-talk and the habit of self-loathing

  • Stop letting setbacks get you down

  • Believe in yourself

  • Recognize your strengths

  • Silence the critical voices in your head

  • Start to see yourself as you really are

  • Attract into your life people who will truly care about you

  • Understand that what happened to you is not your fault

  • Know that your past is not a life sentence

  • Break the abusive mould once and for all

  • Be an inspiring role model for your children

  • Feel truly optimistic about your future

  • Find your own voice

  • Learn to love the person you are

  • Grow into the woman you want to be.

  • And, best of all, grasp the truth that

    There really is life after an abusive relationship

    The bottom line is: you’re not alone.

    Your feelings are a normal response to all that you’ve been through.

    All of the misery, hurt, fear, humiliation, rejection, hopelessness, depression, despair, paralysis and anger are part of the trauma of the abusive relationship.  You will be able to put all of that behind you.

    I know from my own personal experience  how painful it is to admit that you couldn’t make your relationship work. And I also know how freeing it is to understand that a bad relationship is not your fault.  

    I have enabled many, many women to move on from what you're experiencing right now.

    My ground-breaking e-book "The Woman You Want To Be", will walk you through the whole 10 step process of rebuilding your belief in yourself, over the course of a whole year.

    This e-book will empower you to:


    • Feel stronger, so that you know you can handle what the future holds for you

    • Start to love yourself, so you won't have to settle for crumbs from another person ever again

    • Clear away your negative thinking. This has been the single biggest block to changing your life for the better

    • Raise your self-esteem, so that other people will start to show you the respect you deserve

    • Love yourself, so that you start to treat yourself the way you want others to treat you

    • Use your new confidence to create a happier, more meaningful and fulfilled life

    • Create an environment of joy, peace and safety for you yourself.

    "You changed someone's life"

    Annie, did you know you changed someone’s life?  I can’t believe how I let one person decide how my life was going to be.” Betty


    "I feel you are talking to me personally"

    "The Woman You Want To Be" cleared away my fears, doubts and lack of self-esteem in a way I wouldn't have believed possible. I feel you are talking to me personally.

    Your words are gentle and reassuring. They teach me that I am not to blame for my relationship.

    I'm amazed how much stronger I feel as a result of working through the Ten Steps. I'm so much calmer and happier.  My children have noticed the difference in me. I feel able to face what lies ahead. Now I'm looking forward to the future joyfully. (Sharon Hill)


    You have made all the difference in my life"

    Dear Annie,

    Its been a while since you heard from me.  I’m still alive, some interesting things have been happening to me and i have to tell you; you have made all the difference in my life.

    i started out looking for a way to heal myself.  I was a real mess, everyone always says leave him, go now, run for your life...  It isnt that they are wrong in their advice, its just how can an empty crumpled heap run? 


    That’s where you came in.  You gave me the tools to get my self back up on my feet, little by little.
    Last night I told him it was over and i planned to leave him.  I am starting a new job and today I have enrolled in college.  The world looks different and I have a strange peace within myself.  I’m not alone anymore, and I have hope in my future.

    you gave me this gift.  And I am very grateful.

    Thank you for caring, Annie (Debbie Ruffino)



    Your book is one of the best things I have found"

    "I do find the challenge of working through your book is one of the best things I have found for survivors. I'm sorry that it's taken a good portion of my life to find out what I've missed and WHO I've missed becoming. The best part of that is the realization that the rest of my life doesn't have to be more of the same but a new and improved me.

    As soon as I started to read “The Woman You Want To Be, I grabbed a binder and wrote my contract and listed my things for celebration and began to feel that there was someone out there who really understood the abuse I've felt and the scars there are. Thank you. For writing your book, for understanding what it feels like to feel worthless and hopeless

    I can say I only spent 1 hour feeling despondent yesterday. I will feel better. Your book is the most valuable recovery tool I have used."  (Kris F)



    "Such a wonderful program"

    “Thank you for writing such a wonderful program” (Vicki)


    "I recommend this e-book to any survivor of an abusive relationship"

    'I recommend this e-book to any survivor of an abusive relationship. If you don't already recognise your own magnificent strength and courage, you will after reading this. Annie's warm, witty and supportive writing enables you to recognise and find your way home to you.' (Ruth Hadikin)


    "A step by step guide to an inner journey"

    ‘The Woman You Want To Be’ acts as a step by step guide to an inner journey that takes about a year. However, Annie doesn’t want us to focus solely on that end point; rather she wants us to enjoy and honour the process and see results daily. Her e-book, which is essentially practical, encourages the reader to rediscover their joy along the journey.

    This e-book has been carefully crafted to ‘speak to’ the reader and to empower her to make the life changes she yearns to make.

    ‘The Woman You Want To Be’ uses the language and tradition of fairytales and combines this with a clear message and workbook. It engages the reader in many ways: visually, metaphorically, spiritually, emotionally and practically.  (Ann Ashman)



    "I am enjoying this new route I am travelling"

    My bookcase had a whole shelf full of self-help books. Was this e-book going to solve my problems any better than all the others have? I thought about what I had done with all the other books. Some I had read cover to cover immediately. What was I expecting? Instant answers to all my problems? Some I had started but only read a few pages of...

    I realised I had been looking for answers outside of myself, expecting someone else to solve my problems for me - instantly.

    What your e-book has shown me is that I can't change the past but I can aim for a far better future. It shows me how I can find the time, space and resources within myself to create the future I want. I've stopped living in vain hope of instant change. Instead, I am enjoying this new route I am travelling. (Linda Gilbert)



    "My frame of mind has improved quite a bit already"

    “I started the e-book program Tuesday. all the positive reinforcement I can get at this point. I really have appreciated the honest, positive material and my frame of mind has improved quite a bit already as I see how brainwashed I was, how much I've come through, and that I do have the resources within me to overcome it and learn from it and have a happier, peaceful, life as a strong woman and take a stand against such abuse and hopefully help other women as you have.” Mary


    "I love The Woman You Want To Be"

    “I love “The Woman You Want To Be”. I am on Step 4.” Nancy


    "I am so amazed"

    "I must admit I cheated and read right through your book first :-) the best I have ever read in this area, I am so amazed!! I'll start the program immediately. (T.R)

    If you worry that you're just a shadow of the woman you once were

    If you're wondering whether you have the strength to heal from all you've been through

    If you've been terrified of making the same mistakes all over again, and again

    If you've ever thought that your life was over

    You really are in the right place

    My e-book, "The Woman You Want To Be" shares with you the uniquely powerful, simple to follow strategy for abuse recovery that I spent 5 years developing. 

    That strategy will work for anyone who takes it on board and works with it for just 10 minutes a day.

    Are you willing to reinvent yourself as the extraordinary, vibrant, brilliant woman you know, deep inside, that you truly can be?

    Are you prepared to choose who, and what you want in your life?

    This is not a pipe dream.

    And it's not hype.

    You won't wake up tomorrow and be a totally different person.  But if you are prepared to spend just 10 minutes a day on your own recovery, you'll soon start to notice the difference. 

    You will be surprised how soon you start to:

     be truly in charge of your life

     trust your own intuition

     see that life ahead holds so much more for you

     trust yourself first, so that you can trust other people appropriately

     use your strength to protect your children from emotional trauma

     feel much happier

     transform your life in the small, manageable  stages

     honour yourself

     be respectful of your own feelings

     focus on all that is good in your life

    cherish what is so great about you - including your own imperfections

    make the transition from survivor to thriver

    appreciate the precious contribution you make to the other people in your life

     rise from the ashes of an abusive relationship

    Most books on abusive relationships give you the case studies and explain the nature of abuse from a clinical standpoint.

    They're written about women who have been abused, rather than for women who have been abused.  They don't speak to you in your language.  They talk at you, not to you.

    "The Woman You Want To Be" acknowledges all that abused women have been through, and then looks beyond it, to all that you can be. 

    So, are you ready to?

    Discover your unique strengths

    Speak out confidently in your own voice - and never be silenced again

    Rid yourself once and for all of the old, damaging negativity - so you can view yourself for the precious person that you are.

    Believe that you deserve the very best  - and so have a real chance of getting it, consistently.

    Because, as you go through "The Woman You Want To Be", you'll discover how to honour your uniqueness.   And you'll come to understand how you can nurture and sustain yourself emotionally, whatever the circumstances.  Which means NO MORE overwhelming feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

    You'll find that you can

      experience enduring happiness

      attract the good relationships with gentle, loving, considerate people that you desire

      know the joy of truly living each and every day

    All this is available to you right now

    If you're sick and tired of being emotionally drained,
    then why not start to
    change your life for the better right now?

    "I am a different person"

    I read your book, and thought....been there done that, but a few little words of wisdom in your book made purchase in my mind.   I never did any of the exercises in the book...just read straight through looking for something, anything to feel better.  I want you to know I am better now.  I have read so many books, but I mentally practiced the precepts in your book, and they worked.  I am a different person today. (Veda Spears)

    "I am using your book to help me rebuild myself"

    The book is excellent. Like many women I am sure you counsel, I have been in shock and grief after an abusive relationship ended. I am using your book to help me to rebuild my self. Thanks again.  (Abby H.)

    "Strength and courage to face the problem head on"

    I started reading your book yesterday and already it has helped me realize just how much abuse I've been going through. it has also given me the strength and confidence to face the problem head on.  Thanks so much Annie for giving me back the confidence I had lost.  (Tamba)

    "My attitude has changed"

    I purchased your on-line book after searching the internet for help. Your book is really helping me & my attitude has changed because I am following you program.  I am going to be the woman I want to be. Thank you. (Irene J) 

    "Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration"

    I bought your e-book a while back and thank you for your wisdom and inspiration.
    (J. Turner)

    "This is a life-changing book"

    This is a life-changing book. It’s very exciting and powerful. This could become another “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, or a “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, a “Road Less Travelled”, the “One Minute Manager” or “E-Myth Revisited – but for women in unsuccessful relationaships, abused women and women surviving abuse.
    (Nicola Cairncross Wealth Coach)www.nicolacairncross.com

    "I am now living a happy and balanced life"


    A few years ago I realised I was in an abusive relationship.  It was a long marriage of over 25 years and it came as shock (believe it or

    not) that the relationship was abusive.  I realized my relationship was toxic while doing therapeutic training (and at the same time increasing my self awareness).  So, I decided to research the subject and I came across your web site.  I thought it was brilliant and downloaded your book.  Your words and wisdom really resonated with me and I didn't put the book down for a week!  I went over and over the information I found most useful and within 2 weeks I was absolutely resolute that my marriage was finished and I finished it!


    I know this might sound sudden and somewhat drastic but I was ready to take action.  I realized once and for all, it wasn't about me, it was about him! One of the things that kept me in the marriage for so long was the fact that my parents marriage was very like mine. 


    BUT, I then realized that my history had not CREATED my marriage, it made me TOLERATE it! Two totally different things!! Anyway, because I had great strength at the time of our split (mostly through you sharing your experience) I walked away from the marriage with very very strong boundaries so even though he made quite a fuss,(huge hassle!) I totally ignored all his efforts to suck me in again and didn't react at all. 


    This happened 3 years ago and I am now living a very happy and balanced life. I just wanted to drop you a line to offer you my gratitude for just being you and for using your own difficult experience to empower others. (Sara R.)


    YOUR life really can change.

    But you must TAKE ACTION!

    You know the old expression: "Nothing changes if nothing changes?"

    Well, you need to take constructive action NOW,  If you don't, you will remain stuck, exactly where you are. 

    I've spoken to too many women who nearly had the courage to change their life.  But then they got frightened, and they stayed.  And more years of misery dragged by, before they finally did what they had known for years they needed to do.

    What kind of life do you really want?

    Do you want to carry on struggling with the hurt and the misery you've suffered? Do you want to continue hating yourself because your partner treats you as if you were barely human? 

    Do you want to carry on being at the mercy of his mood swings and contempt?

    Or do you want much more out of life?

    It's my guess that you do want more out of life, however scared you might be feeling right now.  Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

    There is a time for everything and this is your time to turn your whole life around.  You have the strength to turn your life around, otherwise you wouldn't even fantasize about ever doing it.

    Maybe you need a little help with believing it right now, and that's where this inspirational e-book comes in.

    Maybe you don't really believe you have the strength.  Trust me, I know exactly how that feels.  I also know that you will always find that strength when you need it.  Just as you always have found the strength to protect everyone else in your life.

    Now you can use that strength to protect yourself.

    But I can't make that decision for you.

    The choice is yours.

    From this moment on, you can change your beliefs and transform your life.

    "The Woman you Want To Be" will guide you along your journey into happiness and wholeness over the next year, as you get back into the driving seat of your life.

    Take the first step and you'll start to take charge of your life now.  You'll find out how you move from paralysing misery into  faith and an inspiring vision for your future.

    "The Woman You Want To Be" will give you the step by step guidance you need to transform your life.

    Here's How You Can
    Start To Transform Your Life
    In The Next 10 Minutes

    Not only will you receive this powerful book, which will guide you along your path to healing, and accompany you through the emotional breakthroughs into a new sense of personal empowerment...

    That's not all.  You will also receive the following FREE BONUSES

    Special Bonus #1 "Why Some Women Are Much, Much More Successful At Relationships Than Others" 50+ vital insights  into the minds of women who  make successful relationships.

    Women in successful relationships do a lot of things differently.  Because they have different values.  They don't have different values because they're in a successful relationship.  They're in a successful relationship BECAUSE they have different values.  In fact, ALL their relationships are successful because of their values.

    Until you can think like women who make successful relationships, it's just not possible to create the loving, respectful relationships that they enjoy.  This incredible e-book alone will make a lasting difference to the way you treat yourself and approach relationships.  Value $17.99

    Special Bonus #2 LIMITED TIME BONUS available if you order now: Free Email Consultation!  I will personally answer your specific relationship question or dilemma.  I am here to help you on your path to wholeness.  Click here to email me and I'll get back to you within 48 hours.  The reply will be not less than 250 words.  Value $60.00

    Special Bonus #3 You'll receive "The Woman You Want To Be" bi-monthly newsletter.  I'm constantly adding new insights, discoveries, information and resources.  Many women say that it provides them with the understanding, support and feeling of being part of a community that they need in order to feel better and keep moving towards the life they truly deserve.

    Special Bonus #4  "As A Man Thinketh"  Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.  This is the incredibly uplifting book that's changed the lives of millions.  Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup books, said of it: "I have personally read As A Man Thinketh over 25 times".  Value: incalculable.

    Total value of Bonuses: $77.99 minimum

     "So How Much Does It Cost?"

    When you think about it, how much does your emotional anguish cost you?

    What would it be worth to you to feel much, much better?

    What would be the value, to you, of feeling happy, and confident, and secure in the knowledge that you can handle whatever life throws at you?

    What is the cost to you of feeling wretched and afraid most of the time?

    Suppose you don't take advantage of this incredible information, what's the cost to you?

    I can tell you exactly what the cost is, because I've paid it myself.  The cost is more precious months and years of your life down the drain.  And psychological torture, feeling utterly unlovable and worthless, mental and emotional paralysis, emotional and/or physical illness.


    is that you'll be denying yourself the opportunity to move on, You'll be denying yourself the chance to experience the happiness you deserve.  Because, by doing nothing, you will have made that choice.

    If you do nothing, you will be settling for "more of the same"; the same misery and self-loathing, the same overwhelming feelings of worthlessness.

    "The Woman You Want To Be"  will guide you out of that darkness and back into the light.  It will reveal how you can build your self-esteem, revive your joy in life and feel confident to create the life you want.

    For only $47.00  you will get this inspirational e-book that will not only restore yourself to you, but also motivate you to look forward to the days and years ahead.  PLUS ALL Bonuses included, provided you ORDER NOW. 


    100% Money Back Guarantee

    If for any reason whatsoever you are not  completely satisfied with this e-book, simply let us know at any time and you will receive a full and total refund.

    Absolutely no questions asked.

    YES! If you work through my e-book and don't notice a difference in your life, I will give you 100% of your money back.  And you get to keep the bonuses.

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    Suppose you're still not sure you want to buy this e-book. Where does that leave you? It doesn't mean that you've decided to play it safe. What it really means is that you've decided to do nothing: you've decided against believing you can have a better future.

    How much more do you want to suffer?

    I can help you, but YOU have  to commit to taking that first step.

    If you get stuck, or need private coaching, I've included my contact information in the book, so you can get the extra support you need. Remember, you don't have to go through this alone

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    You will have Part 1 in your Inbox in a matter of seconds.

    Your private information is protected and will not be disclosed to anyone. Your email is 100% secure with us. Your email address will be treasured and kept totally private.